Jazz 1959

Charlie’s out on parental leave, which means no one is here to stop Nate from going off the rails. And you know what means… JAZZ! As soon as dad left the room, Nate enlisted his favorite journalist, jazz and sports writer Natalie Weiner, to come on the show and discuss her incredible 1959 Project — a day-by-day chronicle of jazz during one of its most pivotal years. We listen to classic 1959 albums Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue and Dave Brubeck’s Take Out, discuss the complex legacy of Billie Holiday, and dig into some of the year’s forgotten gems.

Sixty years later, jazz is no longer the cultural juggernaut is once was — but it still has much to teach us about pop culture of the present.


•Miles Davis – So What
•Dave Brubeck – Take Five
•Billie Holiday – Blue Moon
•Billie Holiday – Billie’s Blues
•Erykah Badu – On & On
•Amy Winehouse – There Is No Greater Love
•Muriel Roberts – Sleigh Ride
•Terry Pollard – Laura
•Willene Barton and her Trio – Rice Pudding

Check out the 1959 and 2019 jazz cuts we’re listening to.

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