How Dirty Projectors Make You Feel Energy (with David Longstreth)

Dirty Projectors are known for their kaleidoscopic soundscapes. They make strange bedfellows of dissimilar music techniques like 14th vocal harmonies and African guitar rhythms. But in the backdrop of their obscure orchestrations you will hear the indelible marks of pop music. Longstreth has recently collaborated on songs with Solange, Rihanna, Kanye and Paul McCartney. On his new track “I Feel Energy” we can hear that pop influence shine through. Together we break down his unpredictable 808s to see what gives you energy. We also build connections between Dirty Projectors and other artists in the top 100 including Marshmello, Ella Mai and Khalid.

Songs Featured:

  • Dirty Projectors – I Feel Energy
  • Dirty Projectors – Up In Hudson
  • Marshmello ft. Bastille – Happier
  • Ella Mai – Trip
  • Khalid – Better