The Side Effects of Pop Music with Emily Warren

Emily Warren is one of the great rising stars of contemporary songwriting. Her song “Side Effects” with The Chainsmokers is currently rising up the charts. You’ve also heard her writing on Dua Lipa’s “New Rules.” She’s collaborated with many of the best performers in music earning her a Grammy and multi-platinum success with “Don’t Let Me Down.” She’s also recently released her single “Paranoid.” Emily is a real songwriters songwriter. Her process is as much therapy as art. Together we break down her latest work and uncover her creative process. Her album “Quiet Your Mind” is out on October 5th.

Songs discussed
  • The Chainsmokers – Side Effects
  • Bach – Prelude in F# Minor from the Well Tempered Clavier
  • Emily Warren – Paranoid
  • bülow – You & Jennifer
  • Teyana Taylor – Gonna Love Me
  • Nick Jonas – Touch
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