Listening Differently to Lorde | with MARIAN HILL

Samantha Gongol and Jeremy Lloyd are songwriting duo Marian Hill and they are here to share their annoyingly sharp insights on music. They come bearing the wistful pop of Lorde’s “Ribs,” and we deconstruct its primordial roots in classical composers like Scelsi, Beethoven and Haydn. Then, we turn to Marian Hill’s new single “Differently” to uncover the subtle musical shifts that outline a complex dialogue lurking among the track’s sparse, funky textures.

Songs Discussed:

  • Lorde – Ribs
  • Broken Social Scene – Lover’s Spit
  • Giacinto Scelsi – Memories
  • Ludwig van Beethoven – 9th Symphony
  • Franz Josef Haydn – Creation
  • Kid Rock – All Summer Long
  • Miley Cyrus – Party in the USA
  • Marian Hill – Mistaken
  • Marian Hill – Differently