Lady Gaga Is A Perfect Illusion

Lady Gaga’s new single, “Perfect Illusion,” is the apotheosis of her artistic statement. She is well known for her visual style that too often overshadows her music. But when taken together, it is evident that Lady Gaga is playing all of us because the non-conformity of her outward appearance is reflected back in her compositions. On first listen, her songs may sound like just another catchy pop tune and this is intentional. Gaga lures us close with the sound of pop fame and then hooks us and reels us into into her dungeon of monstrous sounds.

Songs Discussed
  • Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion
  • Lady Gaga – Just Dance
  • Lady Gaga – Government Hooker
  • Queen – Radio Gaga
  • Lady Gaga – Love Game
  • Lady Gage – Scheisse
  • Michael Jackson – Thriller
  • Phantom Of The Opera – Overture
  • John Carpenter – Halloween Theme (Main Title)
  • Lady Gaga – Bad Romance
  • Lady Gaga – Alejandro
  • Ace Of Bass – I Saw The Sign
  • Lady Gaga – Speechless
  • Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now
  • Lady Gaga – So Happy I Could Die
  • Natasha Bedingfield – Pocket Full of Sunshine
  • Lady Gaga – Born This Way
  • Madonna – Express Yourself
  • Lady Gaga – Teeth
  • Lady Gaga – Bloody Mary
  • Lady Gaga – Dance In The Dark
  • Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga – Anything Goes
  • Tony Bennett – I Wish I Were In Love Again