Pablo And The Wolves

The Life Of Pablo is Kanye West’s latest album. Despite its lack of hits, it has been at the fulcrum of pop music for months. With its gradual online release and its changing track lists, this shapeshifting album is difficult to grasp. We recruit Andrew Marantz from The New Yorker Magazine to break down Pablo and the “Wolves,” a song that embodies the multiplicities of West’s larger project and connects his work to the classical past of Bach and Prokofiev.

Songs Discussed
– Kanye West: Wolves
– Jay Z: Where’s Th e Love
– Kanye West: All Falls Down
– Kanye West: Gold Digger
– Kanye West: Heartless
– Kanye West: All Of The Lights
– Kanye West: Black Skinhead
– Gary Glitter: Rock N Roll Part 2 (Hey!)
– Kanye West: I Love Kanye
– Bach: Canon Perpetuus
– Prokofiev: Peter And The Wolf (narrated by David Bowie)
– Paul McCartney: Driving Rain
– Drake: Jumpman (featuring Future)
– Missy Elliot: Work It
– R. Kelly: The Zoo
– Justin Timberlake: Give Me What I Don’t Know
– DJ Snake: Birdsong
– Pink Floyd: Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict